Friday, December 19, 2014

'Tis the Season

Coaters Tech has developed what I like to call a Winter Filter®. An unthermal coating.

Practical uses for this filter are many. But making it requires skill and ingenuity.

Only the best coating designers using unique materials and a complete understanding of those material properties will be able to design this coating.

Only the best coaters will be able to deposit this filter. Constant monitoring of coating parameters is a must. Deposition temperature cannot exceed -6°C.

The substrate is a very clean lawn. Preferably short grass although it will work with grass as long as 5.0cm. No leaves or twigs can be on the lawn when preparing it for coating. Any leaves or twigs will cause defects and dislocations in the crystal structure.

Material selection for the coating comprises of several crystal morphologies. From big and fluffy to small, round, dense pellets. I was able to use only 3 different types to make this coating.

Production of this filter gets easier the further north your lab is located. But not too far north. Too far north and adhesion starts to become a problem.

What applications do you think you could you use this filter for?